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Friederike Kraus

DSC_0011 (428x640)I am a licensed tour guide, historian and art historian and, above all, an enthusiastic Viennese. 

Why go with me to explore the city and don´t be one of a coach group? You go at whatever time suits you best, to the places that interest you most at a pace that you choose. Just tell me your preferences and you will get a made-to-measure tour program.

You can also choose from a range of standard tours. Let me put forward a few proposals for sightseeing programs:

First time visitors will like to see many of the major sites in the first district of Vienna, which was the city proper until the mid-19th century. A classical tour will give you an overview of the landmarks and evoke the history and culture that give Vienna its unique character. more…

Regular visitors will like to explore lesser-known sights in Vienna or change their point of view. Try one of my tours specializing in different topics.


Smoway 18.10.13 03

You will get a genuine experience in visiting Vienna  by doing the walks with “smoveys”. After a few swings you will feel the unique combination of sporting activity and learning about the history and culture that give the city its distinctive character.



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